Lamaze Tummy Time Air Play Mat

by Penelope on December 16, 2012

  • The flexibility of the mesh adapts to baby’s body, distributing the weight of the torso evenly, minimizing the pressure on baby’s abdomen
  • To ends of play! Bright colors and large, friendly animal eyes invite baby to focus on a single object, supporting healthy eye development
  • Includes a sun self-discovery mirror, tractor teether, and crinkly corn
  • Makes tummy time fun AND comfortable!
  • Mesh cover and mat are machine washable

Product Description
Tummy Time is an important developmental phase for all newborns, and Lamaze Tummy Time Air offers baby a fun and comfortable opportunity for encouraging tummy time play. Developed and approved by pediatricians, the new mat features two ends of play with bright colors and large, friendly eyes inviting baby to focus on a single object, thus supporting healthy eye development. As baby lies across the mat’s tummy section, the flexible, breathable mesh material adapts to… More >>

Lamaze Tummy Time Air Play Mat

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